Pat Lank


I am a second year PhD mathematics student at the University of South Carolina under the supervision of Dr. Matthew Ballard. Previously, I was a M.Sc. student at the University of New Mexico and was advised by Dr. Alexandru Buium.

My research interests are primarily in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra. In particular, I am interested in questions and ideas regarding derived categories, birational geometry in nonzero characteristic, and singularity theory. Lately, this includes understanding the structure of the derived category of bounded complexes of coherent sheaves for a variety over a field of prime characteristic. For more details, see here.

This academic year (2022-2023) I will be organizing both the Graduate Colloquium and AGCA Student Seminar. Previous things I have helped organize can be found here

This Fall 2022, I will be teaching MATH 111. For more details regarding current or previous courses, see here.

Feel free to email me after removing the syntax: lankp (at) email (dot) sc (dot) edu

selected publications